About Us

The Digital Entrepreneur House is an envisionned co-working space located in Yaounde (Cameroon) where startups will share essential ressources (such as broadband connectivity) to reduce their operational costs during the first years of existence, share knowledge and support each other while planting the  seeds for a strong tech ecosystem in Cameroon.

Founded by two cameroon-based entrepreneurs who strongly believe that success is a collective journey.  The idea to create a co-working space results from that desire to contribute to the construction of a strong and collaborative tech community in Cameroon that would be the cornerstone of the next industrial revolution in the country.

That idea is also fueled by our desire to use technology competences and skills as catalysts for jobs creation in Cameroon.  Among the major challenges faced by startups  in Cameroon, The Digital Entrepreneur House wants to tackle issues related to affordable office facilities, availability of fast broadband Internet connection and frequent power outages.
Beyond operational related issues, we also want to create global awareness about the technology community in Cameroon,  build a bridge between startups entrepreneurs in Cameroon and those around the globe and regroup entrepeneurs within a community that makes them visible and creates  a solid foundation for the democratization of technology entrepreneurship in Cameroon.